Hello, and welcome to my site. 

I am a Canadian artist who specializes in watercolors. Many of my works are done in traditional Chinese style, while others are more Western in style.

Many people know that I love birds, and most of my work includes at least one of these delightful creatures. In some of the paintings, the birds are very detailed, while others are represented with only a few strokes. In keeping with the Chinese style, many of them appear on branches, and often there are berries for them to eat.

You can see photos or scans of my original watercolors by clicking a link in the menu bar (below the heading on this page). Then click a picture to see an enlargement and to get information about the size, price, and frame.

My note cards are here. You can create your own packages of cards by selecting your favourites.

I hope you enjoy my work. For more information, please send me an email at info@paintingsbymarcia.com.

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